Why Cook? Enjoy Stress Free Catering!  

Low, Slow and Ready-to-Go

When it comes to catering, we smoke the competition.  As BBQ experts, we are able to deliver the best catering at the best price available.  We offer flexibility, variety, and are focused on your satisfaction.  The Crystal Lake Rib House is your complete full service caterer of public, private and corporate events from pre-planning to providing the "Ahhs" from your guests!  As the BBQ leader and expert for over 30 years, we have perfected our skills and you can bet we will not be practicing on yours.

Control Your Catering Costs

We can handle any little or every aspect of your event. We get it done on budget, on time, and on target.

Attend Your Party, Don't Work It

The next time you have a large event or gathering, let the experts at the Crystal Lake Rib House deliver a stress free party that will delight you and  your guests.  We have bartenders, waiters, servers and set-up/clean-up personnel.  You be the host and we'll be the caterer. You have fun, we'll do all the work, deal?  

Reserve Now and Work Out the Details Later - Call 815-477-3600!

The Best Outdoor BBQ Grilling! 

Chuck Wagon Grilling

When it comes to Outdoor BBQ Grilling, we smoke the competition.  As the BBQ Grilling Experts, we are able to deliver the best grilling at the highest quality available.  We offer flexibility and variety, and are focused on your satisfaction.  

Customized Menus

Over the years, we have done everything from Clam and Lobster Bakes to Greek Weddings and Texas Tri Tip.  We've cooked and catered for people like Oprah Winfrey (for years) several Illinois  Governors (none jailed), Randy Travis and many of our neighbors. What's my point?  We can create a menu for you for just about anything you would like.  If you don't see it listed, just ask and we'll do it.  Some of our best parties are created by your suggestions and desires.  So, what can we grill for you?  The Chuck Wagon is ready to roll.  Happy Grilling!  Call Dave at 312-246-2233 for more information!

* prices subject to change without notice.  Please note that menus may not always reflect current pricing or promotions *